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Privacy Policy


Privacy and Data Protection

FERTAGUS takes the privacy and protection of data entered by users seriously.

 • Can FERTAGUS ask for personal data?

Yes. FERTAGUS Portal requests the name, email address and other personal information when a user registers for the services of FERTAGUS Portal.

 • How does FERTAGUS use the personal data?

The aim of FERTAGUS, by gathering as much personal information about its users, is to provide a personalized service and to provide an enjoyable and useful navigation. Through a detailed knowledge of its users, the FERTAGUS Portal brings better conditions to offer contents, services and advertising tailored to each user.

 • Can FERTAGUS reveal personal information?

The personal data of the users of FERTAGUS Portal is protected by the law; therefore, cannot be revealed.

 • Can FERTAGUS use personal data for direct e-mail?

Yes, but only if authorized by the user. When authorized, FERTAGUS Portal can send relevant and specific information to each user, about products and services. However, only FERTAGUS Portal (or third parts on behalf of FERTAGUS Portal and by confidentiality agreements) can send direct e-mail. Whenever a user decides that they do not want to receive direct mail, they should mention it to FERTAGUS Portal, either at the time of registration or at any other time, by means of a written request to change of recorded data.