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This is first station in Lisbon for those entering the city from the south side of the river and has, as a backdrop, the stunning and emblematic Águas Livres Aqueduct, offering anyone who arrives in the city a warm welcome.

Designed by Architect Motta Guedes, this e station is rich in artistic works including sculptures by Francisco Simões, tile panels by Eduardo Nery and Andreas Stocklein, and sculptures dubbed “Imaginary Cities” by Charters de Almeida situated in front of the station.

The station, operated by REFER, provides clients with connections to Sintra, Azambuja and the South.

Bring your bike and place it on the racks available outside the station.


Station Opening Hours

Working Days - 05:00 - 01:40

Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays - 05:20 - 01:00