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Located in Aires, Palmela in an area that is still undergoing urban development explains why the station is dotted with so little infrastructure around it. 

The works were supervised by the architect Motta Guedes, whose main concern was to create a harmonious and functional space that would not disfigure the elevated historic and environmental context, which the station is inserted into. Before heading off to explore the historic Village of Palmela and the Arrabida Natural Park, you can take some time to observe works by Costa Pinheiro and Jun Shirasu.

The station, managed by IP Infraestruturas de Portugal, offers passengers extensive parking and Fertagus deploys automatic ticket vending machines at the station.

Bring your bike and place it on the racks available outside the station.


Station Opening Hours

Working Days - 04:30 - 01:40

Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays - 05:30 - 00:30