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Pinhal Novo

Pinhal Novo has been home to a large community of railway workers since the 30’s making it an important mark on the Portuguese railway map.

The renovation work done on the station made a point of reinforcing this fact by maintaining the intersection between the Sado line and the North-South railway axis in Pinhal Novo.

In renovating the original building dating from the 1930’s, special care was taken to preserve the tiled panel from 1938, as well as, the control tower. The building, classified as functionalist was originally designed by the architect. Cotinelli Telm. The entire renovation project, headed by the architect. Motta Guedes, sought to establish a connecting line and functionality between the old and the modern.

The entire project was designed as an underground structure, looking to meet the needs of the local population by providing a pedestrian tunnel.

This station, managed by IP Infraestruturas de Portugal, offers shopping areas and Fertagus and CP ticket.

Bring your bike and place it on the racks available outside the station.


Station Opening Hours

Working Days - 05:00 - 01:35

Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays - 05:30 - 00:35