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Renovation works on this station had one main objective: to improve functionality, in terms of accessibility, as well as railway exploration and improve the offer of complementary transportation. 

The project by by the architect Motta Guedes fulfilled the station’s new demands while maintaining the traits of the building that characterizes the station.

Its location, right in the center of the city, lets passengers quickly reach any destination, be it the park, stadium, hospital, port, downtown and the pier boats to Troia depart from.

This is where Fertagus service on the southern bank of the greater Lisbon area begins and ends. It takes only 57 minutes to get from here to the last station on the Lisbon line.

In addition to the extensive offering of complementary transportation available at this station managed by IP Infraestruturas de Portugal, parking, ticket booths and automatic vending machines offer passengers alternatives to diverse destinations.

Bring your bike and place it on the racks available outside the station.


Station Opening Hours

Working Days - 04:30 - 01:50

Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays - 05:30 - 01:00