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About us

Fertagus, a company of the Barraqueiro Group won the international public tender for the exploration of the North/SouthRailroad, having been attributed with the concession for the Suburban PassengersTransport, based on quality criteria of the proposal in terms of intermodality, journey times, fares and financial model.

Fertagus, is the first private operator to ensure the management and the commercial exploration of a railway in Portugal, by paying a rate to IP to use theinfrastructures, being this mechanism also introduced on the Portuguese railwaysystem for the first time.

Under the concession agreement, the company ensure the exploration of the rail link, security, maintenance of the trains and some railway stations of the South(Pragal to Penalva), being also responsible for the sale of tickets of RailwayAxis North / South, well as the recruitment, training and management of all team that operates in the trains and stations.

Fertagus currently serves 14 stations on a line extension with about 54 km. Ten on theSouth: Setúbal, Palmela, Venda do Alcaide, Pinhal Novo, Penalva, Coina,Fogueteiro, Foros de Amora, Corroios and Pragal, and four on the North:Campolide, Sete Rios, Entrecampos e Roma-Areeiro. The total time betweenSetúbal and Roma-Areeiro is 57 minutes. The stations on South managed byFertagus, are endowed with a large number of shopping areas, parking facilitiesand links to other types of transports.

Today, Fertagusis responsible for around 98 000 daily moves.

The contribution to improve the quality of life of the citizens is undeniable: 35% of customers today consider that have more free time, 44% less stress on the trip, and 46% more flexibility.

The GlobalCustomer Satisfaction Index of Fertagus reaches 4.5 in a scale of 1 to 5 (2018 survey).

The challenge for the future is to continue to demonstrate that public transportation is a alternative with quality consolidating the position as the best and most important agent of Mobility in Setúbal Peninsula and moving towards to a better coordination withother transport operators, on a system that is constituted as the most effective alternative to individual transport, including internal travel in the own Setúbal Peninsula.