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Lisboa Viva Card


The card "Lisboa Viva" is a card, personal and intransmissible, equipped with contactless technology that allows the loading of Transportation Tickets of up to four contracts/Transportation Tickets, valid for access to various transportation operators in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon.


The Lisboa Viva is a "smart card" that has an embedded chip and an antenna, which works by approximation, without contact, to a validator that takes note of the information contained on the chip, thus enabling access to the form of transport.





Being a contactless card, just pass the Lisboa Viva card about 5 inches from the red circle on the validator, which will beep and light up indicating the validation of the ticket (short signal and green indicates that the ticket is valid, if three short beeps and red is emitted, it is not valid). The validator indicates the expiration date of the ticket.

Whatever the transportation ticket / contract loaded, that involves Fertagus, the validation before each trip is mandatory.


The Lisboa Viva card can be request from any Fertagus Ticket Office by submitting the "Request ID Card for the Lisbon Region Transportation" which is also available at any Fertagus Ticket Office, and has a typical delivery period of 10 days.

The price of the Lisboa Viva card for any of the modalities is 7€, except for profiles 4_18 and sub23 which costs 3,50€.

To obtain the card urgently, please contact the Customer Service at the Pragal Station (see the Timetables for delivery requests). The price of the requested card in this mode is 12€, except for profiles 4_18 and sub23 which costs 6€.


  • Normal

  • Children (children aged 4 to 12 years)

  • Seniors (customers aged over 65 years)

  • Retirees/Pensioners (retired customers or pensioners whose monthly household income is less than or equal to the minimum nacional wage)

  • 4_18@escola.tp (for students aged 4 to 18 years, who do not attend higher education or beneficiate from school transport provided by local authorities, giving a discount of 50% on all Combined Passes and Subscriptions). It is obligatory to change the card in the month in which they turn 13 years

  • sub23@superior.tp (for higher education students under the age of 23 years, giving a discount of 50% on all Combined Passes and Subscriptions)

  • CCI (customers that prove the quality of CCI, on the terms and conditions required by  the Transport Operators)


When ordering the Lisboa Viva Card for the first time, you must submit, the legally required documentation according to the customer profile:

 General Documentation:

  • Requisition duly completed;
  • Original Personnel Ballot (children up to 10 years), or BI (EU citizens), or Citizen Card, or Passport, or Driver´s License (nationals citizens) or Residence Permit;
  • Recent photograph, original, in color, passport type, with plain background, bareheaded and without sunglasses (except in specific duly justified situations.

Specific documentation:


  • Statement issued by the competent authority confirming the current net value of the pension or respective monthly salaries and statement of the council Parish of the area of residence of the Passenger confirming the composition of their household.

                                4_18@escola.tp - Students up to 18 years (inclusive)

  • Specific "4_18@escola.tp pass" Declaration issued by the school of the student (in its own model), duly signed and stamped with a seal, certifying the right to acquire the 4_18@escola.tp card. This statement must be presented annually at the transport operator that issues the card.

                               sub_23@superior.tp - Students of higher education under the age of 23 years

  • Specific s"ub23@superior.tp pass" Declaration issued by the school of the student (own model), duly signed and stamped with the seal, certifying the right to acquire the card sub23@superior.tp. This statement must be presented annually to the transport operator that issues the card.

                               Children of 4 to 6 years (by the December 31, of each year)

  • Present the original and a photocopy of the document proving the address of their parents or document issued by the council Parish of the área of residence.


Type of Profile


Children - 4 to 12, up to 13 years

 4 years

Normal - 13 to 30 years

 4 years

Normal - over 30 years

 6 years

Seniors - + 65 years

 6 years


 5 years

4_18@escola.tp - 4 to 18 years*

 4 years

sub23@escola.tp - up to23 years

 4 years

* Mandatory change of card in the month in which they turn 13 years.


Lisboa Viva cards have a guarantee period of two years from the date of issue. If, during this period, the card stops working without there being any visible damage, the transport operator will replaced it at no cost to the bearer. After the guarantee period, the customer bears the cost of for the substitution of a card in any situation.

NOTICE: The information provided on this page does not invalidate the consultation and acceptance of the General Conditions of Use for the Customer Identification Card for the Lisbon Region Transport. Consult here.

Cartão Lisboa Viva (2) (117kb)