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Parking Facilities

The existing parking facilities along the stations of the South side were created in order to contribute to the convenience of customers and visitors.

Fertagus has approximately 6200 parking spaces in covered parks and outdoor parks, in 6 stations in the South (Pragal, Corroios, Foros de Amora, Fogueteiro, Coina and Penalva), close to the stations, ensuring the interconnection between car and the train with great advantages of flexibility for user which is available to its customers.

When using for the car park for the 1st time, the customer must take a card from the entrance barrier and deliver it to the Fertagus ticket office or automatic machine, when buying their ticket for the train so as to get a special discount.

Parking tickets  with a validity of 30 days are loaded on the Lisboa Viva card together with the transportation ticket.

Parking facilities are available at the following Fertagus stations:

  • Pragal: Covered Park - 660 spaces  |  Outdoor Park - 1045 spaces
  • Corroios: Uncovered Park C1 - 310 spaces |  C2 - 324 spaces |  C4 - 134 spaces |  C5 - 466 spaces
  • Foros de Amora: Covered Park - 287 spaces |  Outdoor Park A2 - 128 spaces |  A4 - 149 spaces
  • Fogueteiro: Covered Park - 425 spaces |  F3 - 201 spaces |  F4 - 897 spaces
  • Coina: Outdoor Park CN 1 - 477 spaces |  CN 2 - 499 spaces
  • Penalva: Outdoor Park - 244 spaces