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Transport of Animals

Passengers are allowed to carry, free-of-charge, small animals, if properly enclosed in a box, cage, basket or other suitable container, and can be carried as hand baggage.

Passengers are allowed to transport with one dog per passenger and if the transport of small animals does not meet the above requirements, you can only transport dogs by paying a reduced fare ticket corresponding to a single child and if they are muzzled and on a leash.

Dangerous and potentially dangerous animals, as defined in legislation, cannot travel on public transports.

The transportation, free of charge, so so-called assistance dogs, escorting blind clients, those hard of hearing, with mental , organic or motor disability. The assistance dog must carry a clearly visible badge issued by the national or international entity of the training assistance dogs, who will assume an official character and that identifies the dog as such.

Passengers must take responsibility and take care of the volumes they are carrying, hand luggage and pets and are responsible for the damage they may cause.