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Transport of Bicycles

With Fertagus, the bicycle does not pay!

You can bring your bike and go for a ride to Lisbon, to the docks, or go South to Penalva or Palmela Station for a ride in the country, or why not go to Setúbal for a ride along the waterfront.


You can easily park your bicycle at the entrance of Fertagus stations, except at Roma-Areeiro, using the bike racks intended for this purpose, in order to facilitate your journey to go to study or work.


In 2013, Fertagus received the MUBi Seal for a bike friendly business. You can also join the movement - "Sexta de Bicicleta", created by Mubi - Associação pela Mobilidade Urbana em Bicicleta. See below the cycling network map of Seixal.

Rules for the transportation of bicycles: 

  1. The free transportation of bicycles is permitted on Fertagus trains, every day of the week except when there are large crowds of Passengers on the platforms or inside the trains. In the case of the latter, bicycle users should wait to the end of the crowd and follow the instructions given to them by Fertagus Employees for this purpose.

  2. The Transportation of bicycles must be made so as not to obstruct the doors or hinder, in any way, the entry and exit of passengers. The Passenger carrying the bicycle should accept the suggestions and indications given by Fertagus Employees for this purpose.

  3. Passengers are forbidden to ride their bicycle within the infrastructures.

  4. The use of escalators and elevators to transport bicycles is prohibited.

  5. Each passenger may carry only one bicycle.

  6. Each carriage can only transport up to two bicycles.

  7. Passengers are responsible for all damages caused by the respective bicycles during the respective transport.
















Mapa Rede Ciclavel Seixal2 (10079kb)