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Fertagus Parking Facilities



(1) Customers with ticket only of train (Pre-paid, Pass or Subscription) who use occasionaly Parking Facilities, pay the value of Park with a Single Ticket.

(2) An entrance /daily use, allows parking 24 consecutive hours. After this period the permanence oh the vehicule requires the equivalente of a new daily entry and so on, at the rate of the Single Ticket combiner with Parking.

(3) Each daily usage be deduced upon the validation, if the Pré-purchased ticket has available balance.

(4) Monthly pass - valid for the calendar month / Pass - valid for 30 days and Susbcription - valid for 31 days. both valid after acquisition or after the end of the title in use.

The park is not a deposit agreement for the vehicules or objects, so the Administration is not responsable for the theft or any damage caused.