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Vision, Mission, Values and Policies


Beessential in the mobility solutions within the Lisbon Metro Area.


Provide,with efficiency and friendliness, a complete and integrated solution for suburbanpassengers transportation services that satisfy the needs and requirements,particularly of customers and of the society in general.


Efficiency,Reliability and Friendliness


Contributefor an economic, social and more sustainable environmental development,particularly with the conception and development of integrated transportsolutions.

Under itsactivity, promote the quality of life of citizens, the acquisition of knowledgeby its employees, aimed a better work performance, development and the reinforcementof corporate values, create shareholder value and develop partnerships withsuppliers.

Consolidatethe Integrated Management System in accordance with the requirements stipulatedin standards NP EN ISO 9001, ISO NP 4397 and NP 14:

  • Comply with the legislation applied to Fertagus activities, products and services , as well as the requirements and other indications that support the areas of quality, environment and safety;

  • Control potential environmental impacts and safety risks which arise, directly or indirectly, from their activities, products and services, giving priority to the prevention of injuries and health problems, assessment, prevention and control of risks, as well as pollution prevention .

  • Evaluate regularly and continuously improve their performance, particularly through the use of best practices.